Can the “Black Shirts” Of Nebraska’s

famous past show up? Has not happened this year. At present the Husker D is allowing 29 pts/game . Can Clemson get themselves prepared and get all cylinders clicking by the Bowl? wkxzaywiszegvbx20081204195105


5 Responses to “Can the “Black Shirts” Of Nebraska’s”

  1. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    NU will try to contain the running game, and force Harper to beat them. If that does happen, the OLine better be prepared to give Harper time to find the open check downs. No running game, and Harper getting constant pressure he will throw some bad balls for interceptions. Hopefully we can get a running game started so NU brings the LBs in closer so we can exploit the NU secondary.

  2. I don’t see them shutting us down upfront.. they have been burned all year.. and they got scored on by 1. either no pass rush 2. no coverage, or 3. both..

  3. whats up with Nebraska giving up all these points in the last couple years?

  4. NU actually has a pretty good pass rush with the front 4. Expect to see Suh/Potter in your backfield all day long.

    That said our Defensive backs are not really very good, we have gotten burned a lot this year on big plays.

    As far as us “giving up points”, it because of the big 12. NU has the 28th rated Offense (in scoring) in the nation. We are 8th in the Big 12. We are ranked 9th in total offense, we are 5th in the big 12.

    The big 12 is just a scoring machine this year.

  5. yeah.. but that is because NOBODY is playing good D in the BIG12… IMHO

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