Tigers Get a new Commitment

As reported by Tigerillustrated Jonathan Meeks, a 4 star Blue Chip Safety from Hargrave Military Academy has Committed to play 6235471 at Clemson. Meeks had offers from Penn St, SC, FL, FLST, Tenn, VT, and Many, many more.


4 Responses to “Tigers Get a new Commitment”

  1. Good to get the commitment ball rolling again.

  2. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    One in the house, and hopefully many more to follow.

  3. looks like the follow up in home visits will tell the tale with the remaining recruits.. I hope we can get McNeal, McCalleb, and Mackey

  4. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    I learned years ago to never get invested in the recruiting process. Never can tell what an 18 year old is going to do. Some of the fans get way too involved with it, and then get all bent out of shape when it goes south. I think CDS will do fine but with a new head coach, and staff some will be wary. Lets hope the in home visits can quell the nerves, and make them comfortable to call Clemson home for the next 4-5 years.

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