Gator Bowl Tickets hard to come by

JACKSONVILLE, FL — It seems the economy isn’t hurting ticket sales for the upcoming Gator Bowl.

Tickets for the New Year’s Day matchup between Clemson and Nebraska are almost sold out.

Gator Bowl Association President Rick Catlett tells News media outlets, that Nebraska’s allotment is completely sold, and that Clemson not only sold all of theirs, but called back asking for more.

Catlett says the game will have a capacity of 68,000, and that about 65,000 of those tickets have already been sold.

When asked for reason both schools sold their tickets so quickly, he points out that it was recently -2 degrees in Lincoln, Nebraska, and that Clemson fans always have a good time here. They haven’t been here for a few years, so he thinks they’re excited to be coming back.stadium_wide4


6 Responses to “Gator Bowl Tickets hard to come by”

  1. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    I bet the Gator bowl let out a sigh of relief considering the joke of the ACC championship game turnout.

  2. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    Disregard. I was thinking of Tampa not Jacksonville.

  3. got a feeling the ACC championship is headed out of FL for next season.

  4. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    If they were smart which Swofford isn’t, it should be in Charlotte.

  5. 43tigers – unrelated to this entry, but I don’t have an email address for you. Please help support the cause on my home page:

    I and Brentson Buckner would appreciate your support.

  6. Ben All done, I voted and I visit your page often.. Thanks for stopping by and keep coming back.. 43

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