43’s COOT IDIOT of the Month!

druwder1Infamous Idiotic & obviously  inbred poster “Druwder” … So famous for his reading comprehension and ability to assassinate the english language with in one broken sentence.   Well this mental midget has made it a mission to sit over on the FGF and other Coot boards and heave shots at 43 from afar.

Well ole 43 has decided it was time to reciprocate, and after I was privy to this photo , well.. I had to share this with the rest of you.. Especially those of you that have had the hilarious luxury of reading some of this idiots rants… prior, I have always laughed this dude off as a complete incoherent , ranting idiot oblivious to the fact his boiled peanuts were getting burnt on the front porch while he was at Me-Ma’s Inet machine.


  I mean just take  a minute, and Take a look at this wonder of Horry County.  What a “momma’s boy” or lets at least HOPE he’s a momma’s boy.. Cause if that’s his girl, it looks like he’s been picking up chicks from his part time gig cleaning bed pans at “the home”.. HAHA

 Here is to you DRUWDER… MY COOT IDIOT OF the MONTH CONGRATS!  You can find Druwder on most Rivals boards in regards to SUC , just look for the drool following each post.. Conway SC has to be proud of this mental Midget! I mean seriously… Look at the boy!


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