43 goes on CFB whirlwind Rock Roll Tour!


CHECK THIS OUT! I just landed a Killer tour… EditReply

I am going on tour with two heavy (KORN) and pop rock(THREE DOORS DOWN) bands on the “RIVALRY TOUR”.. get this Friday afternoon concerts by both bands prior to Headline Friday night CFB.. So I can do our shows and attend all these sick games.. Yes I get to miss the first half of CU FB.. But I am getting paid an Insane amount of money to work 3 days a week (2 set up days and 1 show day) and travel from one amazing CFB venue to another … Check Out the list of games we are playing at!

9/11 Columbus , Oh USC vs OSU
9/18 Austin, TX Texas vs TT
9/25 Happy Valley, Pa Iowa vs PSU
10/2 Knoxville, Tn UT vs AU
10/9 Baton Rouge,La LSU vs UF
10/16 Dallas, Tx Texas Vs OK
10/30 Jax, Fl UGA vs UF

HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I am getting paid to go to all of these games.. OH hell YEAH! BTW all the shows are outside of each stadium.. so I get to attend each and every game! I am sure I can wrangle some field access in trade for access to our show! I WILL PROMISE TO DO WEEKLY UPDATES WITH PICS..! and since these are Friday shows and I am off til the next wed… I can catch the red eye into the ATL and still make it to the Valley!


3 Responses to “43 goes on CFB whirlwind Rock Roll Tour!”

  1. Aw man, you promise?!?!?!

  2. LSU vs UF will be sick, enjoy it.

  3. warpedmind24x7 Says:

    I wish they were better bands. But at least you get to see some awesome games in the process. Enjoy and keep us updated.

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