Clemson gets a new Walk on Punter

According to the Knoxville News, Maryville High School punter Greg Colquit has accepted a preferred walk-on spot instead of signing with Tennessee Tech.
“It feels great,” Colquitt told the Knoxville News. “What I’m thrilled about is they have a senior punter in Dawson Zimmerman, who’s been great. He played (three) years and just dominated.
“I’ll be working under him. There’s nobody below him. So when he graduates, it’ll be a perfect opportunity to step in and take his spot.”
“My heart was in Clemson. So, I’m just really thrilled to go down and work with Dawson and hopefully get a scholarship my sophomore year.”

Greg had a full scholarship offer on the table from Tennessee Tech, but felt it would be a better route for him to go the walk on option at Clemson and earn a schollie down the road.

Colquitt has blood lines of All American and All Pro Punters through out his family.  The Colquitt family is to punting what the Rockefellers are to $!

Clemson recruiter Dan Brooks offered the preferred walk on status to him yesterday and he accepted on the spot.


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