Major Staff Changes Coming to Clemson offense

Major staff changes coming to Clemson offense!

November 4, 2010 | 3:30 PM

By Cory Fravel  Pawsitively Clemson Contributor

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Major Changes in store on offense at Clemson


I have mentioned in this spot several times that there are too many chefs in the kitchen on offense for Clemson and that the Tigers lack an offensive identity as a result.

Remember two years ago how everyone, including myself, wondered why new coach Dabo Swinney would keep the failed assistant coaches of Tommy Bowden? It made no sense then and it has proved to make no sense later as the offensive woes continue.

Great news Tiger fans- real help is on the way.

Communicating with a couple of Clemson booster’s and sources close to the Clemson athletic department and football program there will be a MAJOR change in the Clemson football staff by year’s end. These changes are directly targeted at playing to coach Swinney’s strengths and addressing the offensive problems.

This is what I hear from the insiders I communicate with:

  1. No matter how Clemson finishes the last four games Coach Swinney will remain head coach. Sources tell me that his goals will be to focus on being the face of the Clemson football program and recruiting. That makes sense as these are his strengths.
  2. According to my sources, expect offensive coordinator Billy Napier to be replaced by season’s end. Clemson will look to hire a proven offensive coordinator that will install and run the new system. Don’t be surprised if it were to be a spread type offense coming to Clemson.
  3. Offensive line coach Brad Scott will retire at the end of the season.
  4. Wide reciever coach and recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott will be replaced. Sources tell me a proven WR/QB coach will be hired to improve production at QB/WR. This position could likely come with the new OC but that is speculation.
  5. Running back and special teams coach Andre Powell will be replaced with a proven RB coach. Again this position could come with a new OC.
  6. My sources tell me the defensive staff will stay in tact with Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele and assistants Dan Brooks and Charlie Harbison. Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele will have more input in the defensive recruiting to better meet the needs of his system.
  7. I don’t expect any of these changes to impact the recruiting front. These changes will all be very positive changes aimed at more effectively using Clemson’s offensive weapons.

Stay tuned…. No names to report yet, that is all I have for now.


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