Clemson Out-recruiting The Big 3 Florida Schools

5 Star RB Mike Bellamy is one of three (5 star) recruits from FL to sign with Clemson in 2011

Clemson out-recruiting local Florida schools
By: Cory Fravel: Pawsitively Clemson contributor
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In 2006 former Clemson All American CJ Spiller surprised the Florida Gators and Urban Meyer and picked Clemson. Meyer was so sure of Spiller’s commitment he stopped pursuing former UGA RB Knowshon Moreno. Spiller was also recruited by FSU but chose Clemson. Same year former Clemson WR and NFL All Rookie Oakland Raider Jacoby Ford chose the Tigers over Miami.

This year, Clemson signed 3 of the top 7 players in the state of Florida- Mike Bellamy, Sammy Watkins and Tony Stewards all 5* prospects. Unheard of that an out of state school would dominate the 5* talent from the state of Florida. make no mistake either Florida and FSU were outworked and outhustled in their own backyard by a school coming off a terrible year where a bright future was hard to see.

#1 OLB in the nation Tony Steward was swept out from underneath the nose of FSU and Jimbo Fisher. Everyone outside of Clemson assumed he would sign with FSU. It was never an FSU lock as some might lead you to believe. Credit the Kevin Steele and the Tiger staff for out-recruiting FSU. Steward is a program changer. Clemson had big needs at LB and with Steward, Anthony and Townsend the Tigers complied the nations best LB class.

#3 WR in the nation Sammy Watkins also signed with the Tigers with no presence from Florida, FSU or Miami. Credit Brad Scott here for bringing in Watkins. When you add Charone Peake and Martavius Bryant the Tigers have the best WR class in America.

#5 RB in the nation Mike Bellamy was heavily recruited by Florida but they could not sway him from Clemson. When you look at the Gators you have to scratch your head on how they let a school from South Carolina to come in and grab the best two RB’s the state has had in years in 2006 and now in 2011. In fact when was the last time Florida had a RB of national relevance like a CJ Spiller? It’s clear to the eye it was a weakness this year in Gainesville, Tallahassee and Coral Gables. You have to credit Brad Scott and Dabo Swinney here. Furthering the Florida schools troubles RB Jamie Harper chose the Tigers over Florida, FSU and Miami in 2008. Going forward the Tigers will have a formidable backfield with Andre Ellington and Mike Bellamy.

The Florida big 3 have struggled to sign any RB as prolific as Spiller and Bellamy of late. The fact is since Clemson signed CJ Spiller in 2006 Florida, FSU or Miami haven’t signed any RB of that caliber to date with Bellamy being the latest to escape the big 3.

Clemson’s presence in the state of Florida will only continue to get stronger with the each years class having more and more Florida talent. Since 2006 the Clemson has added CJ Spiller, Jacoby Ford, DeAndre McDaniel. Chris Clemmons. Chris Chancellor, Kevin Alexander, Rashard Hall, Kyle Parker, Jamie Harper, Sammy Watkins, Mike Bellamy and Tony Steward. This years spoils will provide program changers to Clemson and give the Tigers a good start to success in the future. With the new offensive staff in place the future looks bright in Tigertown. Now it’s time to see how this staff develops the young ones.


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  1. I think it worked. No Florida teams are high in the rankings for the 2011-12 season. You know, I’d watch them play anyway. That’s what loyalty to your team is about.
    I may live in California, but I come back to Florida every year for the holidays, and I always come with Gator Bowl tickets. I’d love it if the Gators were actually playing, but I can live without it this year. I have Sun Bowl tickets this year, too, for the trip back home.
    Just FYI, I got my tickets at Amazon Tickets Online. You can too, it’s easy.

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