*****CLOWNEY NEWS*****


#1 Over all recruit Jadeveon Clowney now has Clemson on his radar



Looks like its true, the Clemson staff has made significant headway in the race for the signature of #1 over all recruit Jadeveon Clowney.

Rumors have been running rampant around the Clemson FB program since his OV to Clemson last weekend.  And now after his Comments live On ESPN’s Signing day Special have the College Football world and recruiting analyst all over the country a buzz and scrambling for leads in Rock Hill.

As of today it is Confirmed that Clemson is indeed drawing even with longtime leader SC and ALA.

Also, confirmed today that he spent All day Sunday with Coach Swinney and his mom getting the personal tour of all things Clemson from Coach Swinnney.  And was ovcrheard during his visit telling people it was his BEST visit yet.

Also, confirmed today that the Clemson staff feels confident now that they have a legitimate shot at landing his sig on Feb 14.  Coach Swinney has personally taken over his recruitment and the staff is all over this kid at present.

Stay tuned, this is moving like a freight train and is being confirmed all over the inet by numerous sites, papers, and sources close to both Clemson and Clowney.



One Response to “*****CLOWNEY NEWS*****”

  1. Neil and Pam Burnett Says:

    Is it true that I heard he is visiting Clemson on 12 February? Lets see, Valentine’s Day is the 14th, a Monday. He is visiting Clemson on the 12th. Does anyone think he leaves Dabo with a signed LOI and then announces it on Monday? Just a thought. NO ONE expected this to even be a thought. Go get him Dabo!!!!!!!!

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