The Elite Eight

Tony Steward, Charone Peake, Stephone Anthony, Martavis Bryant,Eric McClain Mike Bellamy, Lateek Townsend and Sammy Watkins

Tiger fans are ecstatic on the day after signing day . By singing  the arguably top class in the ACC , only to be rivaled by FSU.

With eight “elite” or “all star” prospects inking with the Tigers on Feb 2. the future looks bright in Clemson.

With needs at Linebacker and Wide Receiver glaring at the coaching staff at season’s end.  The Clemson recruiters went out and landed the #1 Linebacking and #1 wide receiver class in all of College Football.

A class that is  ranked as high as #7 by some services in overall recruiting rankings.

One thing is for sure there is going to be no shortage of talent in Clemson the next few years.  And there is still on more Big Fish out there in #1 over all recruit Jadeveon Clowney, who has expressed interest in playing with these talented and elite players, citing this class being put together to win.

Who knows it could be the “Neat Nine” before its all said and done.


One Response to “The Elite Eight”

  1. Neil and Pam Burnett Says:

    There is just one more thing I want to add to this. As great as it is to have these guys at Clemson, dont forget the other 21 players that signed with us. The “elite 8” will not be able to perform up to their level without the “working 14” that is on the field with them. The OL road graders and the DL trench guys will need to do their job before the “8” can excel. I know everyone knows this, Im just sending a reminder. When you speak of a front four of Goodman, Branch, Thompson and Moore, these guys will have to occupy the OL for our LBs to make the plays. Freeman, McClain, Cloy, Walker, Thomas, Beasley, Region, Norton, will need to work hard together to make the offense be able to do what they do best. I love this class, but Im not forgetting what we have returning. The two ABSOLUTE biggest recruits in this class for is Morris and Caldwell. 🙂 Ok, off my soap box. (Neil)

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