William Perry could use Some Clemson Love..

NFL and CLEMSON Legend William "the Refrigerator" Perry

Numerous old injuries and a bout with an infection from a few years ago has left one time NFL and Clemson great William Perry in bad shape.

In a recent short on TV on Super Bowl Sunday a report showed how bad William has gotten.

We are including a Address to send cards and well wishes to William and the footage is here to see.

Please don’t let this CLEMSON MAN down and support him and make sure he knows the Clemson Nation appreciates all he has done for us in the past. And he is a Legend and not forgotten in these parts.

You can send your cards and well wishes to:

2885 Old Camp Long Road, Aiken SC 29805-7855



2 Responses to “William Perry could use Some Clemson Love..”

  1. I hate to hear he is having a difficult time. 😦 I will definitely send him a card! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. Andrea Wells Says:

    I hope and pray the “fridge” gets well very soon. I will include him in my prayers. I watched him play every home game during his tenure. Love ya William!!! I appreciate everything you have done for our tigers and so enjoyed watching you plow down numerous players!! God bless you

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