IPTAY meeting PART 2


New Clemson OL coach Robbie Caldwell



(Part 2 Iptay Meeting)


Jason Wilson was to have been present to hand out the awards to IPTAY Representatives and update on the parking.  However Jason and his wife are expecting a little Tiger and thought it was going to happened that day.  Wrong and everyone is still waiting as of this morning (Feb 7th)  The awards were given as follows:

IPTAY Representative of the Year – Ronnie O’Kelley  –  Oconee County

Female Representative of the Year – Mary Anne Bigger – Aiken County

New Representative of the Year – Ronnie O’Kelley – Oconee County

Most New Donors – Jonathan Kubu – Greenville County

Most New Donors by Total Reps in County – Pickens – 136     Greenville – 112

Most Upgrade by Reps per County – Greenville – 179   Pickens -137

Highest Rate of Renewal   – Allendale – 100%   Hampton – 97%  Edgefield – 96.5%  Colleton – 95.8%

The gentleman that is in charge of the transportation for the Coaches told a story about one of his experiences with taking coaches and personnel around to meetings.  Did not catch his name and it was not in the program.   He told a story of Dabo, BillyD and Terry Don being in Columbia for a meeting and they went to the hospital to see a Tiger donor.  When they got there the person had just been released but they were told of a young man that had been submitted to the hospital and was in a serious condition.  It was a little hard hearing what he was saying but  the short story is that they visited the young man and how much it meant to the family.  He then introduced the young man who was in the audience.  Everyone stood and applauded as it was a very emotional thing.  Seems it was a miracle he got out of the hospital.

BILLY D’ANDREA – Executive Senior Associate AD/External Affairs.

Announced the Student Award/Vickery Hall:  The entire staff at Vickery Hall and all that they do.  He presented the Award to Becky Bowman who thanked everyone  and said that they do everything they can at Vickery.  Lots of other schools have come to Clemson to see how it is and several use our setup now.   BillyD was instrumental in starting Vickey Hall and it has been a wonderful addition to the University for those that need help and support in getting good study habits and graduating.

Announcement of the Student Athlete of the Year – Phil Pohl – Baseball

He introduced Phil who spoke on how important Clemson had played a role in his life.  He thanked his parents for giving him the guidance to work hard at grades and push to excel in whatever he decided to do.  Baseball has always been his sport.  He stated “of course living in Cooperstown, Ohio did not hurt! “.

When he was looking for a school to go to he came south to check out UNC, South Carolina and Clemson.  He said when he and his Dad got out of the car at Clemson, he knew that was where he wanted to go to school.  He spoke of meeting with Jack and is was an easy decision to attend Clemson. He talked about the thrill of going to Omaha.

He spoke of Vickery Hall and how important it is to the athletics.  He was proud of the stadium they have to play in and thanked everyone for that.  He was very appreciative for Jack giving him an opportunity and Terry Don and Pres Barker for their support.    He thanked IPTAY for all of their support and Clemson for giving him the opportunity to play and get an education at a very special place.




2 Responses to “IPTAY meeting PART 2”

  1. Ron Chitty Says:

    Bunny , Thanks again for an insightful report!

  2. Chris Ross Says:

    Phil, we are so proud of all that you have accomplished. I have coached hundreds of athletes over the years and when anybody asks me who stood out, it’s always Phil Pohl. Your people skills, baseball skills and respect of people older and younger are what will continue to lead you to have success. Your parents did a wonderful job with you growing up and you have represented both of them with the highest of integrity. Have a great 2011. Hope to see you at the BC series.

    Chris Ross and Family

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