IPTAY Meeting Part 3

By: Bunny


The moment came that everyone looks forward to at the meeting…..the head coaches and what they have to say.

Jack Leggett was first up.  The baseball hi-lights from last season were played.  He started out by congratulating Phil for receiving the Student-Athletic Award of the year.  He spoke of what a joy it was to coach him.

He brought a laugh when he said that he is not a coffee drinker because he does not need the caffine. However after having 3 glasses of tea and a slice of chocolate cake, he was ready to have a 5 hour practice.

“Coaching athletics like Phil makes it all worthwhile.”  He spoke very highly of him and thanked him for coming to Clemson.  He said “that coaching guys like him and the others on the team makes it all worthwhile.”

He said “Being successful, is great…losing is hurtful.  Sorta like being positive as a representative for IPTAY…it is great when we are winning, but bad when we lose.  All of Clemson needs to be loyal and quit jumping on and off the bandwagon.  It is not good for the school, the team or the coaches”

He commented that we need to love Clemson all of the time and not just when we are winning.  That all the Clemson coaches are passionate about their jobs and need our support and positivity when out in the public.  They, the players and coaches, need us to be there when they are having down days.

Side Note:  This was probably the most passionate I have heard Jack in a long time.  I know he is frustrated over not accomplishing the one thing he would love to do and that is to bring home a World College Championship Trophy.   The season opens on February 18th at 4:00.  If you can be there to start the season, maybe just maybe, this may be the year!!


Brad Brownell was next.  He acknowledged the fact that tonight was his daughter’s 13th birthday and that she was use to celebrating her birthday on other days because of his games and meetings!

He also thanked Phil for the great job he has done  and wished him well for this season.

He loves everything about Clemson and especially the people.  He thanked all of the people on the Clemson staff.  He said that Leggett texts him all of the time, good and bad and he appreciates it.  That at other schools he did not have the interaction with other coaches like he does here and he really likes that close knit comradeship.

He thanked Terry Don Phillips, who he says is a quiet leader.  He is always in the basketball  office ..backing him after a loss saying “It is going to be fine”  The Leadership is there when you need him and he appreciates that.

He mentioned that the players were glad he was out of town tonight following their lost so that he did not have one of his practices that he has when they lose.

To Pres. Barker and Mrs. Barker, he thanked them for the lunches he had with them.  He really appreciates the support and how they have been there on the bad days as well as the good days.  To several others he expressed how much it meant to have the support that he has.

He calls Dabo his little brother (Brad is one year older) and loves the fact that he has been someone he can talk to about Clemson and what it means to him.  He congratulated Dabo on the fine signing day that he had and stated he wanted the same with his.  He has certain priorities that he needs and is going to work like heck to get it done.  He will be going after kids with talent, that will graduate, and become successful.

He had meetings with every player when he first came to Clemson on a one-on-one and although two left, Clemson is leading the league in defense.  He thinks of the team as a blue-color team and they will be the foundation for what he wants to do to build a competitive team at Clemson.  “While we are not there just yet,” he stated ,  “We will work like heck, we will do it the right way and we will build it so it will last.”

Side Note: The comments I got from several of the folks at the meeting was awesome to say the least.  Brad is a passionate coach and showed it in his talk.  He has a presence about him that just gives off one of confidence and excitement over his opportunity to take the Clemson basketball  team to levels we have not seen in a long time.  The players are developing very quickly under his coaching and you can’t help but feel we have a lot of good things in store.


Dabo Swinney was as serious as I have ever seen him when he first started.  He started out by thanking IPTAY because without the fundraising that is done, he would not have the scholarships to offer.  He is very excited over the new facilities and especially the indoor practice facility.  He also expressed thanks for everything that is being improved as it helps all coaches.

He thanked Jack for his words of encouragement because he says he was a frustrated coach at the end of the season.   Now with all the changes and the new recruits coming in, he feels real confident is what can be accomplished.

He mentioned how much he enjoyed have Brad and Jack run down the hill.  It brings a family feeling to all the coaches to have special moments like that.  He appreciates the leadership from Terry Don and President Barker.

He took a few minutes to speak about the passing of Tom Lynch and how he had been such a wonderful supporter for Clemson.

He wanted everyone to know that while he was extremely disappointed in the past season, he is very optimist about the future and how bright it looks.  He stated “I am very thankful the players we have and the foundation is here.  This team never quit .  We got better as coaches and a team yesterday (speaking about the signing of new recruits) and am eagerly looking forward to spring and fall practice.”  He was very proud of the fact that we had players in the Super Bowl.  Out of 10 players on the team 2 years ago, one was already in the Super Bowl.

He gave a brief overview of the signees for 2011 and then said they were getting cranked up for the 2012 season.  Never can allow to slow down!  Clemson is a selling point and that once he gets a recruit on campus they love it.  As it is said about Clemson…”There is something special in those hills”  The football players are very happy with being at Clemson and it spilled over to the recruits this year.

He announced all the coaching changes and some of the coaches were on hand to greet everyone.

He announced the “All In Ball” would be held on April 9th in Clemson which is the evening before the spring game.

He said that he had never talked too much about the All In slogan that he uses and why he wants to continue with it.  All In is about family, husbands and fathers, it is more than just a guy that plays football.  It is learning trust and respect; common goal for things in life;  and a genuine appreciate of life.

He stated, “ALL IN stands for Attitude – Leadership – Legacy – Improving and New Beginnings.”   He thanked all for coming and looking forward to a great spring game.

Side Note: I was struck by something during Dabo’s talk and that is how he is building for what he wants to get accomplished at Clemson and how all three coaches talked about building their teams the right way.  Strong foundations last longer and we saw that in the basketball several years ago with Fab Five.  We saw in baseball when we had Kris Benson and his team for four years.  We saw it in football with Charley Pell and Danny Ford.  Foundations are very important.  This is Dabo’s second year of recruiting fully – across the board.  It is looking real good.  We are very fortunate at Clemson to have the three head coaches we have.  Coaches that love Clemson and want to be here.  2011 is going to be special in Clemson history from the final few games left on the basketball schedule to the opening of baseball, to football 2011 and then basketball starting up again.  Catch the Fever if you haven’t already….TIGERTOWN FEVER!!!








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  1. Great job Bunny! I can sense the enthusiasm of the coaches from your comments and I also, am very optimistic about what they can do at Clemson.

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